Who are we?

Healthwatch Hertfordshire is the organisation that speaks up for people of Hertfordshire about their health and social care. It’s our job to represent you and your views to the people and groups who make decisions when it comes to the running of health and social care services in the county.


Who pays for us?

We’re funded by the government, which means that you pay for us. Each area has to have a Healthwatch, which means no matter where you go in the country you will find a Healthwatch ready to listen to you and act on your behalf.


How can you get involved?

There are lots of ways we find out what we need to know to do our job. We do surveys, to know what you think. We check the news to see what’s happening, and we go to lots of events around the county. From church fates to Herts Pride and everywhere in between. We also go out and give talks letting people know
what we do, and asking them what their experiences are. We would love to come and talk to your school or college, get in contact with us.

And finally get in touch with us! Anyone can contact us to let us know what’s been happening with them, or to find out where they can go for help with any problems they might be having with the care they are receiving.

We believe in putting you at the centre of your healthcare decisions. We believe that you should have a say.