From the 19th – 25th February 2018 we want you to make young people feel good!

Have you got an idea? No matter how big or small, you can make a real difference to health and mental health for young people.

Up to £500 will be given per project!

Simply fill in the application form below, your application will then be assessed by a panel of both young people and professionals in January!

Deadline for applications – 5pm on Sunday 14 January 2018.

If you’re looking for some ideas click here to read last years report.

Click here for the rules

Feeling Good Week 2018

  • Please name your project something unique and interesting.
  • Please provide an email address that we can use to contact the project leader as we will need this to confirm if your application is a success.
  • Organisations please note: you must have had input from a young person (or young people) when designing or creating your project. Provide this evidence in the box above.